Social and ecological transformation

With the growing concern about climate change, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has become actively involved in the processes of social and ecological transformation.

In Central Africa, and particularly in Cameroon, we are engaged in this issue via the promotion of development policies that are sensitive to environmental concerns as well as the mobilisation of the entire social system in relation to environmental protection issues and climate change.

Activities and Events

Saturday, 19.08.2023 - Yaoundé | Social and ecological transformation | Events
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The tradition keepers of the two countries, both members of the Commission des Forêts d'Afrique Centrale (COMIFAC), agreed on 19th of August 2023, at…



Publication hors-série de la FES ; No 2

Publication hors-série de la FES ; No 2

Yaounde, 2024

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Improving school textbooks in Cameroon

Improving school textbooks in Cameroon

Studies on quality determining factors = Améliorer les manuels scolaires au Cameroun : enquête sur les déterminants de la qualité
Yaounde, 2023

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